Since 2011 we have delivered Lancashire Council commissioned targeted youthwork projects in Fylde and Wyre.

Working alongside young people who are Not in education, employment and training (NEET) or who are at risk of NEET.

URPotential are commissioned by Lancashire Young People’s Service to provide Targeted Youth Support under Emotional and Health and Well Being.The service will work with young people in respect of their emotional health and wellbeing who are Just Coping or showing signs of Struggling to Cope, (Level 3) to build their capability and capacity for them to manage challenges/difficulties safely within their home environment, and the local community and enable them to Thrive (Thriving as defined by the Lancashire Continuum of Need).

In 2013 we received a grant from Blackpool Council to deliver youth provision in the Town. Developing groups based on young people’s needs and identified through consultation and forums

We have successfully supported over 600 young people and designed projects based on their needs. We have ensured that we work alongside young people developing ideas and projects that meet their needs. All our youth provision is underpinned by Hear By Rights values and principles.

In 2012 we successfully deliver the MENTOR project commissioned through ADDACTION & HOME OFFICE engaging with over 250 young people in Fylde & Wyre in substance usage and motivational interviewing and engagement.

In 2014 our Fylde young people’s group designed a social media campaign to be rolled out across schools in Fylde.

Over 10,000 leaflets will be distributed across the District. The group achieved AQAs in peer mentoring and social media. A fantastic project which highlighted the need for peer to peer education in safe social media and android phone use.

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