About Us

Mission Statement

 To support you to build confidence, provide tools to learn new skills; offer new opportunities; help you meet new people; make a difference; and give you the chance to be part of a community and most of all …….. have fun!! 

Our Vision

Inspiring and Supporting You and Your Community to Reach your Potential

Our Values

Welcoming, Caring, Encouraging, Developing, Achieving

Who Are We?


We are a not for profit, Community Interest Company. 

Our aims and purpose are:

  • To support each child, young person, adult, family and community to reach their full potential
  • To encourage active citizenship within communities
  • To work with individuals to increase their economic independence
  • To provide fair and equal opportunities and remove any barriers to gain skills, build confidence and improve emotional health and well being

Our Team

Our team includes experienced qualified youth and community workers, family workers and community tutors with a range of skills, knowledge and qualifications.  

What Work Do We Do?

URPotential actively work with local communities, organisations and individuals across the North West and beyond, adopting an asset based community development approach. We are always looking for new and innovative ideas and projects to create or work alongside. Please get in touch if you want to work alongside us.