Know Your Neighbourhood

This project will support you to access opportunities to connect with others.
By promoting;

  • existing and enhanced opportunities within community centres
  • harnessing the talents and motivation of existing volunteers, and recruiting new ones

We will offer and deliver training and support sessions for you to step up to become community

Becoming part of a local community group can reduce social isolation and improve well-being by
providing a forum for support, sharing information; combating loneliness and bringing a sense of
belonging to your life.

We also offer the chance to get involved in Social Action projects such as
gardening and litter picking, recognising that spending time in the outdoors connecting
with nature can improve health and wellbeing and also make our community
more appealing.

To find out more please contact one of our team:
Nina: 07414 035940 or
Jamie: 07432 000530 or