Courses For Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Aged 19+

Information, Advice & Guidance Sessions

Each of these sessions allows you to explore, in a safe and confidential setting, the opportunity to identify your skills , knowledge and experience. You will be able to review how you can take the next steps into volunteering, training or work and will be signposted to the best way to achieve your personal goals.

Sessions will be held in local venues across Fylde & Wyre

Introduction to Youthwork – 4 Week Course

During this non– accredited course you will learn how to:-

  • Identify role of Youth Work
  • Identify issues affecting young people
  • Explore Youth Work role and volunteer opportunities

At the end of this course you could progress to the full Accredited Youth Work course or consider volunteering as a Youth Worker

The course will be held at:
UR Potential offices starting on Thursday 20/11/14
Cleveleys—venue TBC—starting on Wednesday 27/5/15

Introduction to Youthwork Level 1 – 10 Week Course

This accredited course will be ideal for existing volunteer Youth Workers or anyone wishing to work in the Youth and Community field but do not have qualifications or experience. At the end of this course you could progress into volunteering or may even be ready for employment as a Youth Worker. You will receive an accredited Level 1 qualification.

This course will be held over 10 weeks at UR Potential offices starting on Tuesday 5/2/15

Introduction to Mentoring – 2 Day

This non accredited course will allow you to explore the roles and responsibilities of being a mentor. You will explore communication tools and explore action planning. At the end of these sessions you could consider further training on Volunteering, Employability, look for volunteering placements or consider F.E. college.

This course will be held on two consecutive days with one course in Fylde and one in Wyre
Venue in Wyre TBC – starting on Thursday 11/12/14
Venue in Fylde TBC—starting on Monday 15/6/15

IT Basic Introduction Single Session

Using UK Online resources these sessions allow you to access a range of IT digital skills based on your own needs. You will be able to review your own knowledge and identify any gaps. There is an opportunity to move onto a more in depth IT course if appropriate or consider further training.

Sessions will be held in local venues across Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre in Nov 14, Jan 15 and Jun 15.

IT Course – 4 Week Course

During this course you will develop the key skills required to use the Universal Job Match service. Gain knowledge of how to apply for jobs online, create a C.V. Other IT skills can be individually developed / supported and appropriate training provided.

Courses will be held at community venues in Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre:
UR Potential Offices, Blackpool—starting December 2014
Fire Station, Fleetwood—starting on 22/1/15 and
Venue in Fylde TBC—starting on 17/6/15

Moving into Volunteering – 1 Full Day

This session provides an introduction into volunteering. You can explore your existing skills, consider what volunteering opportunities are available and the roles and responsibilities of volunteering. We will also support you in accessing a volunteer placement that meets your needs.

This is a one day session and will be held on two separate dates as below
Asda, Fleetwood—20/11/14
UR Potential Offices—Jan 2015

Personal Development & Confidence Course – 8 Week Course

The course will support learners to identify their best qualities, build on existing skills and identify support needed to move forward. We look at personal identity and appearance, what makes you feel good as well as assertiveness and developing confidence tools to use in a real ’working’ environment. You will get help with interview techniques and skills. You will gain tips and techniques on how to work with your colours, styles and existing wardrobe. This course is delivered by a qualified personal coach.

This will be held on 3 consecutive Saturdays starting 24th Jan 2015 10.00am – 4.00pm and will be held at UR Potential Offices, 296 Central Drive, Blackpool, FY1 5JW.

Safeguarding – 1 Full Day

During this session you will gain an understanding of child protection and safeguarding roles and responsibilities. You will be able to recognise signs of abuse and be aware of appropriate steps to take. At the end of this session you could consider further training around Youth Work, Employability or look at volunteering opportunities.
This course will be delivered by a Safe Network Ambassador.

Sessions will be held between 9.30am —3.00pm
West View Community Centre, Fleetwood – 3/12/14
Lower Lane Community Centre, Freckleton—19/5/15

Skills for Further Learning – 10 Week Course

This 10 week course provides an accredited qualification which can be used for progression into apprenticeships, sustainable volunteering or access to employment. It will support your personal development and vocational exploration. It includes support with functional skills and learners have access to supported volunteering placements.

This will be held at UR Potential Offices and run between
This course will be held each Tuesday 3/2/15—21/4/15

Health Champion Training/Volunteering

We are pleased to work with Fylde & Wyre CCG on their Health Champions project and all volunteers are provided with role specific training and NHS training to understand the CCG structure and roles and responsibilities.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Health Champion then please contact Christine Carty on 01253 344398 or 07460 131188 or email


URPOTENTIAL Adult Community Training Offer

Booking & Information

For more information about any of these courses or to register your interest for future dates

Contact: Christine Email: Telephone: 01253 344398