Our Youth Volunteering team can assist you to get into volunteering – either as an individual or as part of a group. We offer Social Action projects throughout the year, giving young people the opportunity to volunteer their time and contribute to the community.

We have many opportunities available and you can gain accreditations through the things you do with us.

Create & Relate

A well-being support project incorporating mental health sessions / art sessions / 1to1 support plus other sessions depending on demand.

Duke of Edinburgh

  • The DofE Bronze Award is for young people aged between 14 – 25 years old.
  • The award involves four parts: Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition.
  • The young people are required to do three months of regular activity in each of the first three sections with one of those being six months.
  • The expedition part of DofE involves planning a route from a map and using a compass to walk a route over two days with a one-night camp.
  • The expedition requires two days walking (six hours per day) and an overnight camp.



Fairhaven Lake Youth Council

This project is open to young people in the Fylde area, it involves young people wanting to see and make a difference around Fairhaven Lake and have a voice in being able to say what they would like to see in the area.

  • The young people took part in Fairhaven Lake Open Day where the general public were able to find out about the upcoming changes to Fairhaven Lake
  • Fairhaven youth council has spent a lot of time concentrating on how the tenders go out to different contracting firms so they can bid for the work that Fairhaven are needing doing. The youth council were able to understand the tender process and what to look for in the design
  • They developed their analytical skills by questioning the designs
  • Gained accreditations for work they have done



Past Projects

Wyred Up  

  • This project involved a consultation of young people regarding the issues affecting young people in Wyre.
  • A focus group was formed from young people across the Wyre area
  • Young people created a poster for support with mental health
  • The poster was distributed to all high schools in Wyre
  • Young people delivered a presentation of the focus groups findings and recommendations for council officials and other youth professionals.
  • Lacncashire County Council took the poster design on board to use across the count

Career Enterprise

  • We completed several Career Enterprise courses in local schools.
  • We worked with groups to complete the course in classroom sessions
  • gave them the opportunity to volunteer in some of our social action events during the school holidays.
  • Young people gained skills to support their volunteering, identifying what skills they required and what skills they needed to improve.
  • They gained knowledge about how to access volunteering and the different types of opportunities they can get involved in.
  • The course also developed team building, communication, confidence and listening skills.


The social action projects included: allotments, beach cleans, park tidying and Redeeming Our Communities where we helped a family in need with their garden. All of these projects gave the young people a taste of what it is like to be an active citizen in their community helping others and feeling that sense of community.

NCS 2019

The NCS course was again in the summer over three weeks and involved two residentials. We recruited within our groups and extended it out to all young people that we work with, which resulted in 14 young people signing up for the course of which all attended on day one.

Phase 1:

The first part was the ‘get active’ phase, which was a residential in a new centre to us at Humphrey Head Activity Centre in the Lake District. The young people met at our office on the Monday morning all keen and excited and got a coach up to the centre. The week involved getting out of their comfort zone through being involved in a group that they barely knew and staying away from home for four nights. They were challenged to conquer any fears and push themselves to their limits and even beyond. The challenges involved canoeing & kayaking, walking in the hills, abseiling down a quarry, sea cliff traversing and bushcraft. All the challenges were taken within the two groups and each group member provided support and encouragement for other members of the group.

Many of the young people excelled themselves in different ways achieving more than they thought they could: some young people climbed higher than they thought they could; some people paddled in canoes/kayaks when they were scared of the water; some people abseiled down the quarry even when they were petrified of heights. Other activities we did were giant stand up paddle boarding and bush craft where the young people made their own pizzas and cooked them over a fire they had created.

The two groups were made up of a mixture of abilities, with lots of differing personalities all from different backgrounds. The way they gelled together on the first week was amazing and impressed all the leaders, both URP staff and the Humphrey Head staff. Overall the first week was a massive success and the young people gained a lot of social, personal and life skills.

Phase 2:

The second part was the ‘Skills and Community’ phase which was another residential this time in Kirkham. This part improved upon the relationships built within the groups in the first week and looked to develop individual and group skills. The young people took more ownership of this week and had more responsibilities from cleaning the centre to managing their time and preparing meals. They gained skills and knowledge in food hygiene and a basic first aid course was delivered by the Red Cross.  Each young person was involved in cooking for the rest of the group at some point in the week, helping to prepare and serve the evening meals. We took part in team sessions and started doing a Youth Achievement award, where the young people set themselves challenges and targets to complete during the course and beyond. An AQA in Personal Finance was completed to help with their independence and financial well-being as they move into adulthood.

Our ‘NCS Has Got Talent’ evening was a massive success where the young people got to showcase their outstanding talent through singing, dance and comedy. A session on democracy encouraged the young people to become more involved in the world around them and have their say; all were informed of the work that BYC do and how they can get involved post NCS.

Phase 3:

The third part was the ‘Social Action’ phase, which was based around helping our local community. We were asked by a local care home to tidy up the weeds around their garden and create a graffiti art mural on their garage wall. The young people did a great job in both aspects and made the care home a nicer place for the residents. We helped Redeeming Our Communities to restore the children’s area of the Children’s Centre in Mereside. The centre was amazed at the transformation in such a short time from our group. Finally, we helped with the Fairhaven Lake Youth Council and made a start in painting the ramps on the skate park at Fairhaven Lake. Although the weather was terrible, the group managed to do a good job which will help the Youth Council in their continued efforts to improve the park.

Lots of teamwork, dedication, creativity and enthusiasm were shown by the young people and lots of great work to benefit the local community was achieved by the groups over the week. Hopefully they can continue with our Youth Council and stay involved in more social action projects.

Money For Life 

  • We delivered this short term project commissioned by UKYouth
  • delivering a four module course to young people looking at personal finance and money management.
  • Over 100 young people completed the course which involved understanding aspects of banking: statements, charges, interest rates, borrowing, budgeting, financial consequences, pay slips and taxation.
  • This was a successful project which gave young people vital skills that they will need as they move into independence in their lives.

Girls Matter

  • looking at low self-esteem, careers & culture, bullying, online safety and staying safe in the community
  • The young people took part in yoga sessions during the summer to gain some mindfulness techniques and to give them opportunities to try something new
  • Gained accreditations
  • Self-defence sessions
  • Created an online safety campaign with posters and business cards with tips on being delivered to Blackpool high schools
  • Advocating for women’s safety in Blackpool



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