We ( Nicola, Jake and Harry ) went to Knowsley to represent Blackpool Youth Voice at Youthforia to disscus change in the north west. This meeting was based around SEN (Special Educationial Needs) and also if Youthforia was accessable for people with SEN or other disabilities. The event was on the 29th of januarry 2017 started at 10:00 AM and it started with registation and the hosts (Knowsley) having an explanation from the MYP of Knowsley, Tony, and other people from the steering group. Next we had a workshop about how we as young people could make Youthforia accessible for people with SEN or other disabilities. We disscused different topics such as, for example, how if the event host would have different level floors and if so if they could have lifts which were actually big enough for people with a wheelchair disabilities without making them feel in a enclosed and uncomfortable space. The next workshop we had was after lunch was a workshop about parliment, this ended up being a debate but was really good and I (Harry) thought was really fun. Overall I thought this was a good day ; me, jake and nicola learnt a lot. Our next meeting is tbc