What are we doing to support the community with mental health?


Here at URPotential we are supporting people on a daily basis who face struggles with their mental health, we believe that it is important to support people into positive activities that gain them skills, improve their confidence and self-esteem and give them a sense of belonging. We do this through are many projects

Youth volunteering, we support young people aged 10-25 years into volunteering or social action projects. Are aim is to support young people with additional needs and emotional health and wellbeing to allow them to access the same opportunities as other young people and grow as individuals. We believe all young people should have access to the same opportunities as each other.

Youth groups, inclusive social action groups, open to all young people. They create a safe space for young people to be themselves, make new friends, and engage in positive activities. The groups also campaign around issues they feel passionate about to instigate change and improve lives of other young people. Our LGBT workers also offer 1:1 support for young people. LGBT also have a Family support group to support family members of young people accessing URPotential.

Adult BBO projects, supporting people from 16-65+ who have multiple barriers that are preventing them from getting back into employment, training or volunteering. These projects support individuals to access valuable support that they require to improve their lives, mental health and opportunities.

Training, we support the community to access courses that can enhance their CV’s, improving job prospects for individuals. We also train young people and adults as peer mentors or befrienders so they can support other people into positive activities that will improve their mental health.

The team will try their best to support the community in any way they can, whether that is accessing support from ourselves or whether we sign post individuals to the appropriate service, we will always be willing to help.