Bethany Stewart

Beth started with us in May of this year. Beth was quiet and reserved when she began, she started attending our youth groups and she attended our girls group and art group each week. She got involved to support with her social skills and confidence.

Beth has got involved with a number of activities so far in the short amount of time she has been signed up with us. Beth has been involved with all summer activities and training, such as facepaint training, grand theatre tour, peer supporter training and peer mentor training. These activities and short courses have supported Beth with building on confidence and talking to new people, in addition to new accreditations for her CV.

Beth is a polite young person and is always there to help staff and other peers when she is taking part of groups and activities. By Beth pushing herself to get involved with new things she is built on her confidence and social skills. She is continuing to get involved with activities and projects as well as attending college.