What an amazing experience our LGBT Coordinator recently had on a trip to the Barbican Theatre in London to watch Romeo and Juliet. This marvellous opportunity was provided by The Grand Theatre Blackpool who we are working with to provide opportunities for young people to experience the arts on another level and gain accreditations. The performance by The Royal Shakespeare Company truly brought the play into the 21st century with energy, style with a few new spins to reflect modern society. Many of the cast were young, there was plenty of diversity, and everyone spoke their lines in what appeared to be their personal genuine accents of Yorkshire, Scotland, London, Ireland and beyond. There was some nice touches around gender and sexuality in that Romeo’s male best friend had a crush on him, and a traditionally male character was played by a female actor.  Phill Fairhurst from The Grand provided great company on the trip and we got to meet and speak to the cast during the after party about URPotentials LGBT young peoples’ future involvement with the Royal Shakespeare Company and their visit to The Grand Theatre next year.