Sanitary protection for that “time of the month” are something girls and women in the developed world take for granted. Not so for those living in the impoverished world.

For our girls on free place scholarships to Happy House School, sanitary pads are beyond the family budget, They are embarrassed by using makeshift pads or reusable pads fashioned from rags during their period. Who wants to wash their sanitary pads, specially when they don’t have access of running water? So we aim to empower our young women by providing them with disposable sanitary protection. It lifts their spirits, their confidence and their aspirations. Sanitary pads are up at the top of the list of items visitors can bring to Happy House when they visit, along with deodorants and toothpaste.

We were extremely grateful to Linda Markey, who is in Priscilla’s sponsor family, for a donation of sanitary pads from the community interest company she directs, UR Potential Blackpool.

With many thanks to Judith Davitt who started the Bags of Hope project which enabled URPotential to obtain the sanitary pads.