skool of street

The support we have received from Linda Markey at URPotential has included highlighting available funding streams for our organisation, as well as advising us on how to apply for funding successfully. Advising us on how to network and market our organisation and putting us in contact with people who have been able to offer various forms of backing. The advice has also made us look at the organisation from a different perspective and has allowed us to think about developing it in directions we had not considered before.

The Advice and support we have received has provided a lot of clarity for the directors of the organisation as to which direction the organisation should now take, to ensure that we are able to consistently implement provisions for the community.

We have also applied for and been successful, in receiving two grants since the sessions began. One from the Big Lottery, and the other from the Arts Council England. We believe that the support and advice has positively impacted on this, as with Linda’s knowledge of the funding bodies and her experience of applying for funding, she has been able to support us and point us in the right direction.

With her help we have gained an Awards for All bid of £10000.00 and Arts Council award £15000.00.

We were made to feel relaxed during all sessions which made it easy and comfortable to talk openly about the organisation with Linda. More so, Linda has been so supportive with our organisation and has filled us with confidence which I think is extremely important. She has looked at the work we have done in the past extensively and objectively and advised us on how to fill in the gaps. I would rate her services extremely highly. The best part of the service was definitely the confidence she instilled in our organisation and what we have done in the past, and the confidence she conveyed about the future as we move forward taking the steps she has advised.

I think that UR Potential do fantastic work within our community and that they are a priceless organisation for Blackpool. The young people associated with the organisation are always extremely pleasant and professional and the hard work of the organisation reflects in everything they do for our community.