Blackpool Be Involved Programme

URPotential have delivered youth volunteering in Blackpool since 2010. We are recognised as the leading organisation in supporting young people to access volunteering and social action projects across the Town. To date we have supported in excess of 2000 young people into volunteering. We have established working model.

The purpose of our programme is to provide Schools with a bespoke volunteering and social action programme that will enhance the curriculum offer to pupils in Years 7 upwards:

The programme will include:

  1. Assemblies – Based on school referrals we will deliver a one hour introduction to the programme to young people
  2. Deliver a 4 week Move into volunteering courses which includes: roles & responsibilities, health & safety, applying for roles, policies and procedures, applications forms/CVs.
  3. We’ll conduct volunteer assessment/interview with young people to offer:
  • Assessment of individual needs.
  • An action plan to meet their individual needs and skills self-assessment.
  • Set achievable SMART goals that are realistic to their current circumstances.
  • Access to peer mentors for young-people with specific support needs or lacking confidence.
  1. Matching with appropriate volunteer roles or creating volunteer roles for young people
  2. Placement visit and agreement to commence volunteering
  3. Review and ongoing support

Outcomes sought:

  1. Young people will make a positive contribution to their community and increase civic participation
  2. Young people will develop a set of skills and behavior to support them in society and the future labour market through training and volunteering roles
  3. Young people will develop key social and emotional skills including emotional resilience to support them in further education and work situations
  4. Disadvantaged Young People  will feel valued in their communities and shape the services they are involved in as volunteers and through social action projects

See the 2 page document below with more details about what we can offer and costings.


Please contact for more details on costings and rates.