Here is a brief overview of one of our candidates manifesto.

Lets hope our young people get some good support from the young people of Blackpool, see you at Blackpool Town Hall, Blackpool Chambers on Saturday 15th February 2014 from 10.30am-1.00pm

Hello everyone, my name is Liam Richardson, I’m 15 years old and I go to Unity Academy. Currently, I attend Blackpool Youth Voice and I use to be a member of the Air Training Corp. The reason why you should vote for me to be Blackpool’s MYP (Member of Youth Parliament) is because, I plan to deal with the main issues affecting young people. Stereotyping, unemployment and youth crime, which are that should have been resolved, but haven’t. Also, work experience and the lack of things for young people to do are other problems that largely affect young people.

The first issue that affects us, the young people of today, is stereotyping. The stereotyping of young people is caused by the a small minority of young people who decide to break the law. This therefore creates a negative impression on young people, however, if we were to get this small percentage of young people off the streets that would stop people from viewing young people in such a negative way. So, how do we do this? I’ll tell you how, by telling the government to invest in more youth projects and clubs instead of cutting them out of the budget altogether, which also gives young people who don’t commit crimes something to do as well, after all, these people deserve it the most. Plus, the people who attend these youth clubs/projects can put that they went to these things on their CV’s, making them more employable.

An example of one the solutions to one of these problems is my answer to the issue of work experience. Last year the government scrapped work experience for young people, meaning that young people aren’t aware of how the working world works. To combat this, my school decided to introduce work experience in the school itself, basically, a pupil, for one day, will have the opportunity to work with a member of staff and see what its like to be part of the working world. Now, I thought it was a brilliant idea, so much so, that I believe that all schools, not just in Blackpool, but in all of the U.K should do this. In addition to this, it wouldn’t cost the government any money meaning they cannot cut it from the budget, or make cuts to other projects to pay for it, because it doesn’t exist in the governments budget.

I hope that in the next year that Britain becomes a country with virtually no youth crime, stereotyping (towards the young) and more of us in employment and youth groups. Thank, you for listening and remember to vote carefully when choosing who to represent you at the Youth Parliament.