Here is a brief overview of one of our candidates manifesto.

Lets hope our young people get some good support from the young people of Blackpool, see you at Blackpool Town Hall, Blackpool Chambers on Saturday 15th February 2014 from 10.30am-1.00pm

Hello my name is Kirsty-lee Topping I am 17 years old, I go to Blackpool and the Fylde College and I am on the nursing cadet course.

I feel I have good experience in campaigning and getting young people’s voice heard, when the funding cuts to the youth services were being introduced, a friend and I, felt really strongly about it and wrote to the prime minister as we were not happy as we didn’t get told about what was happening to our services and we fought to save our group. We got a reply not from the Prime Minister  himself but in the end we ended up saving a workers job .I have also campaigned and helped save my Duke of Edinburgh group when again funding got slashed ,we had meetings at the town hall and with various different councilors. Through hard campaigning and challenging councilors our DOE group has been saved and is here to stay.

Something I feel really strongly about is giving young people something to do and getting our voices heard as in Blackpool provisions for us are little to none I feel young people should get into volunteering and I’ll try to take on the task of helping young people gain employment by doing volunteering and work experience and to promote positive activities for young people that are available at a free cost.

I also feel mental health is a big issue and the lack of mental health services isn’t great I would also try to get mental health covered in PSHE lessons in schools and lessons about it in youth groups.

I am a young person living in Blackpool so I know what it’s like, and know MOST of the issues that affect young people. I have the experience and know how to deal with people with authority so vote for me Kirsty-lee Topping and I promise not to let you down!