Make Your Mark, the annual national ballot of all young people aged 11-18 took place from August to October this year. 7147 young people from Blackpool made their voices heard by voting on the issue that they felt most passionate about. The 10 possible issues were: Mental Health; End Period Poverty; Votes at 16; End Knife Crime; Curriculum for Life; Support Youth Services; Equal Pay, Equal Work; Homelessness; Transport; Welcome Refugees. The issue that Blackpool’s young people voted as their top priority was ‘Mental Health’ which received 14.9% (1066 votes) of total ballots. ‘End Knife Crime’ was second with 13.3% (954 votes) and in third was ‘Curriculum for Life’ with 13.1% (934 votes).

‘Mental Health’ has now been the top issue in Blackpool for 2 years in a row, being the top issue in 2017 as well.

Blackpool Youth Council will work with schools, colleges, youth groups, Blackpool Council and other local organisations in order to help raise awareness on these issues, allowing Blackpool to become a better town for young people to live, learn and work.

The starting point for developing our strategy for these issues is holding our annual Youth Summit which for this Make Your Mark cycle will be held at The Oracle, St. Anne’s Rd. on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at 6pm. Our Youth Summit is open to the public whereby young people can question a panel of professionals and decision makers on the top issues raised in Make Your Mark.

Each vote cast is one young person making their voice heard to change their lives and their town for the better. We would like to thank every organisation and young person that took part in this important vote to change the lives of the young people in our town.

If you would like to find out more about Blackpool Youth Council, find out more about our Youth Summit and engage with our campaigns to represent and empower Blackpool’s young people, contact myself (Connor Danson, Chair of Blackpool Youth Council) at:

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