Jake and April attended the #IWILL Ambassadors event in London on Monday 21st November 2016. Jake and Josh are I Will Ambassadors for Blackpool as nominated by URPotential. The event invited all ambassadors to come together to meet and discuss what they were doing in their local community to support local action. The event was set out in workshops that the yp moved around different tables and discussed different issues and how they would tackle them. The participants then moved on to the houses of parliament for networking and to listen to stories from ambassadors and how it has helped them.

The event was a good opportunity to bring young people together and for them to share stories about their hard work and achievements on what they have been doing in their local communities. 







All the young people who are ambassadors for the iwill social action campaign received a certificate, band and badge. They will continue to apply social action in their communities and share stories with IWill.