URPotential launched our First Alumni Group.  On 1st June 2017 at our annual celebration event we proudly announced our first recipients of the Alumni awards:

Ben Simpson

Jane Mewis-Mckerrow

Lan Liggins

Simon Ballantyne

Anna Morgan

Associate members included

Fabian Kuster

Jake Adams

Kirsty Bruce

Kay Kelly Toole

Ryan Quick

Nic Burrows

Suzanne McFahran

Charlotte Kalthoeber

Dave Harrsion

Fay Ellis Rose

Jade Walmsley

Kirsty Lee Topping

Vicky McMahon

If, in the last 7 years,  you have volunteered at URPotential or been a member of one of our  Youth and Community groups, please get in touch if you want to become a member of our new Alumni Group? As an alumni member, you will gain access to a community of people who share a common interest in volunteering, social action and community development. You will have  access to a wide range of personal development  opportunities including training, mentor roles, board members, volunteering, networking and support with future careers.

If you are interested get in touch with Linda Markey on

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