BYV, Blackpool Youth Voice, will be participating in its third annual MYM, Make Your Mark, campaign as of August 12th 2016; hopefully continuing the success of campaigns in previous years. The aim of the campaign is to decide top issues for young people across the entire United Kingdom, debate them and then finally decide on the issues UKYP, the UK Youth Parliament, should focus on to be the most effective. The issues on this year’s ballot are…

01) Votes at 16

02) A Curriculum For Life

03) Body Image

04) Transport

05) First Aid Education For All Young People

06) Mental Health

07) Fund Youth Services Don’t Cut them

08) Stop Cuts That Affect The NHS

09) Tackling Racism And Religious Discrimination

10) Raising Awareness of Sexual Harassment in Schools

The campaign is apart of the national UKYP MYM campaign which is a ballot paper for young people, aged 11 to 18, to have their say on what is debated by their MYP’s in the House of Commons every year. Last year there were a total of 969,992 ballots cast with Blackpool contributing 8,893 of these, giving it the highest percentage turnout in the country. However, Blackpool Youth Voice plan to get much higher than that this year. If you are aged 11-18 and live in Blackpool, you can vote by clicking here

The MYM campaign is the cornerstone of youth democracy and we encourage any young person to cast their ballot and have their voice heard. We urge anyone and everyone to take part in this campaign as well as helping us with campaign. If you’re interested in joining BYV or helping us out in the MYM campaign contact us at: