Please  read the email below from Jake Adams, Blackpool Member of Youth parliament  regarding the Make your Mark Campaign and see how you can support Jake and the Blackpool Youth Voice to reach their target of 7500 young people’s voices to be heard and let’s put Blackpool on the map. The link below is for young people aged 11 – 18 years old to access.

If you have or support any young people who would like to be members of Blackpool Youth Voice please either contact Katey England, volunteer youth worker for BYV or Jake direct.

Email from Jake Adams Blackpool MYP

‘My name is Jake Adams and I am the Chair of Blackpool Youth Voice and I am also the Member of Youth Parliament for Blackpool.

I’m emailing you today to ask for your support in our Make Your Mark Campaign for this year, Make Your Mark is the largest national youth consultation for young people put in place by the British Youth Council and regulated by Cabinet Office. We ran the make your mark campaign last year and got the voices heard of 4,872 young people in Blackpool, this year our target is 7,500 young people’s voices heard, however it would be brilliant if you could help us exceed that target.

The Make Your Mark Campaign consists of 10 issues the government think young people should campaign upon for change in a ballot paper style. We have put together  an online ballot link for young people to access and vote online. We also have copies of ballot papers if people wish to use a paper format, just get in touch with me and will arrange for them to be sent to you.

Please can we ask you to support this and ask your young people  that’s all we need to get the voices of young people in Blackpool heard and a national level.


Please see below the link for the young people, living in Blackpool voting.